Water to Energy

Investment Value : Not Yet Determined
Funding Scheme : Appointment of SOE for the construction of PLTA Karangkates IV & V, Kesamben and Micro-Hydroelectric Power Plant (PLTM) Lodoyo, and potential for PPP for other projects, including dam capacity development to become a power plant
Location : Throughout Indonesia
Project Owner : PT PLN
Target Construction Date : Being Reviewed
Commercial Operation Date :  

Project Description

“Water to Energy” Program is divided into 4 acceleration programs, where one of them is a breakthrough for Karangkates IV & V, Kesamben, and Lodoyo Hydro Power Plants (PLTA) and Micro-Hydro Power Plant (PLTM) construction acceleration, with a total capacity of 147 MW. PLTA Karangkates IV & V and Kesamben are located in Brantas River, East Java, while PLTM Lodoyo will utilize a weir. Total capacity of the three PLTUs and one PLTM reaches 147 MW.

One of the main focus for KPPIP is the Matenggeng Dam, which has the potential to generate 900 MW. The project is currently in the study process and the funding scheme is not yet determined.

Project Significance

PLTA Karangkates IV & V can generate 100 MW of electricity. PLTA Kesamben has a capacity to generate 37 MW and PLTA Lodoyo can generate 10 MW. With a total of 147 MW, the four power plants are selected as they can potentially be constructed the fastest.