Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) Lampung

Name of the Project : Water Supply System (SPAM)  Lampung
Total Investment : IDR 1,1 Trillion
APBN-APBD Source :
Private Source :
Funding Scheme : Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
Location : Lampung
Implementing Agency : Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM) Bandar Lampung City
Planned Construction Commencement Date : 2018
Planned Commercial Operation Date : 2020
Project Status : Contruction and will be Operation in 2019
Latest Status :
  1. Process of Feasibility Study Pre review by Government Contracting Agency (PJPK) through the fascilitation of PT. SMI
  2. Process to propose Water Retrieval and Utilization Permit (SIPPA)
  3. Process of land acquisition
  4. Focus Group Discussion and Public Seminar were held from 11 to 12 October 2016
  5. Until 23 December 2015, Procurement Committee had made an Official Report on the Result of Tender of Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM ) of Bandar Lampung City in relation to the absence of participant submitting offer document (the tender was declared failed)
  6. The initial plan with regard to the capacity, which was 500 L/second was declared not feasible. At present, PJPK is in the process of reviewing capacity increase and region expansion of services. The planned capacity is 750 L/second.
  7. Change of location leads to the need for land acquisition for reservoir.

Description of Project

SPAM Regional Lampung is a project of water supply which is planned by PDAM of Bandar Lampung City with the output of 500 Liter/Second.