West Semarang Drinking Water Supply System

Investment Value : IDR 1,17 Trillion
Funding Scheme : Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
Location : Semarang, Central Java
Project Owner : Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM) Semarang City
Construction Commencement Plan : 2019
Commercial Operation Date : 2021
Project Status : Transaction Stage

Project Description

West Semarang Drinking Water Supply System is a project to supply drinking water under PPP scheme. The Government Contracting Agency is the Municipal Government of Semarang, supported by PT Indonesia Infrastruktur Finance (IIF) as the transaction advisor. It has become one of the pilot projects for PPP with availability payment scheme from the Regional Budget.

The Drinking Water Supply System project is divided into 2 divsions:

  • Raw water facillity
  • Transmission Network
  • Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
  • Clean water transmission network
  • Reservoir

Project SIgnificance

This project will use water from Jatibarang Dam and aims to resolve the problem of raw water supply shortage in Semarang, which is currently supplied by Kudus Regency. The purpose of the project is to provide drinking water for 31 sub-districts in 3 districts, in which around 60,000 families do not yet have access to the Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) network in West Semarang, Tugu, and Ngaliyan areas. The project aims to resolve clean water crisis and reduce the use of ground water in Semarang.