National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD) Phase A

Investment Value : IDR 3.044 Trillion
Funding Scheme : State/regional budget,State-Owned Enterpricefor/regional-Owned Enterprice Phase A, Public-Private Partnership (PPP), Private Sectors
Location : DKI Jakarta
Project Owner : Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, Provincial Government of Banten, Provincial Government of West Java, ministry for public works and human settlements
Construction Commencement Plan : 2015
Commercial Operation Date : 2018
Project Status : contruction and will be operation in 2018

Project Description

National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD) includes the construction of a giant seawall in the north of Jakarta Bay as an effort to protect the capital city from floods. Large lagoons will be built within the walls to accommodate the water flow from 13 rivers in Jakarta (water reservoirs).

Thraee phases of this megaproject are as follows:

Phase A: Phase A focuses on improving the existing coastal protection. This includes the reinforcement and development of the existing coastal dams of 30 kilometers in length and the development of 17 artificial islands on the Jakarta Bay. The first phase was launched in the beginning of September 2014. The construction is planned to begin in early 2016.

Phase B: Phase B focuses on efforts to develop the west outer giant seawall planned to be constructed during 2018 through 2022.

Phase C: Phase C focuses on constructing east outer giant seawall planned for after 2023. Several long-term developments in the east of the Jakarta Bay are conducted by closing part of the bay in order to anticipate if land subsidence in the east part of Jakarta cannot be avoided. To reduce the impact due to the closure during construction, a part of the eastern giant seawall will be allocated for Tangerang-Bekasi toll road.

Project Significance

More than half of Jakarta residents live in the coastal area and significant urban economic activities develop in the coastal area. There are 13 rivers which disembogue in Jakarta Bay and 40% of the coastal lowland area lies below tidal surface. Floods in coastal area are exacerbated by the land subsidence due to excessive extraction of ground water.

Due to such concerns, the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD) becomes crucial. This mega project will be conducted in 3 phases where the first phase will be conducted by raising the existing dams.