Name of the Project : Palu Tourism Area, Central Sulawesi
Total Investment : Rp.94,100 Trillion
APBN-APBD Source : Regional Budget
Private Source :
Source Not Yet Determined :
Funding Scheme : Regional Budget
Location : Palu, Central Sulawesi
Implementing Agency : Palu City Government
Planned Construction Commencement Date : May 2014
Planned Commercial Operation Date : May 2017
Latest Status :  The activity that has been undertaken for land procurement is procuring 77,7 Ha land by Palu City Government. The target of stage I land procurement is 100 Ha. Due to the limited budget of Palu City Government, public-private partnership mechanism is proposed to procure the rest of land. Land certification is being proposed to National Land Agency (BPN) of Palu City. Stage 1 Infrastructure on 100 Ha land that has been built is as follows: gate of the area, administrator and governing body offices, access road to the area and 1,5 Km drainage system.
The following are the activities that have been undertaken in 2016: Ministry of Industry would construct 2 Km road provided that land acquisition on the land for road construction had been completed, a building for Centre of Rattan Industry would be erected under the assistance of Ministry of Industry and Master Plan of Palu Special Economic Zone (KEK) was completed by Korea Engineering Consultants Company (KECC). The following are the activities using 2016 Budget Year: infrastructure development that would be implemented in the area was preparing a Master Plan document to build a dam by Large River Basin Organization Sulawesi III, with the capacity of 600 L/second, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing would start 855 m flyover construction, and PT Pelindo IV planned to acquit 3 Ha land along waterfront for extension of Partoloan harbour dock. To meet energy needs in Palu KEK, according to a plan, Solar Power Plant (PLTS) with the capacity of 10 MW will be built. Institutional structure of Palu KEK like Regional Council and Administrator has been established since 2014. Right now, Palu City Government is recruiting directors of Business Entities that will be determined to become business entities and management of Palu KEK. Transfer of authority from Palu City Government to Government of Central Sulawesi has taken place. Some investors planning to invest in Palu KEK are investors in agro sector and investors interested to build infrastructure in the area. However, most of them are still undertaking assessment.

Description of Project

Palu Special Economic Zone (KEK) proposed by Palu Mayor is determined by PP No. No. 31 of 2014 on 16 May 2016, Development of Palu KEK is focused on Nickel Processing, Cacao and Seaweed. The KEK which is located in Palu, it is only 28 km from Mutiara Airport, 15 km to Palu, and 500 m Pantoloan Seaport.