Name of the Project : Water Supply System (SPAM)  Umbulan
Total Investment : RP. 1,800 Trillion
APBN-APBD Source :
Private Source :
Source Not Yet Determined :
Funding Scheme : Public-Private Partnership
Location : Pasuruan, Jawa Timur
Implementing Agency : Government of East Java Province
Planned Construction Commencement Date : December 2016
Planned Commercial Operation Date : December 2019
Latest Status :
  1. Raw Water Unit : BU informs that currentlly there is no existing way to Umbulan area. It is expected that access to the area can be provided prior to the start of physical construction
  2. Distribution Network Unit: Ministry of Public Workss and Public Housing has allocated Distribution Network Unit in the 2017 Budget Year. A technical study is needed in relation to proposed addition of 2 offtakes in Jabon and Rembang
  3. Capital District which is prone to water in Pasuruan District: the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing has allocated 20 billion for 2 Sub Districts that become the priority in Pasuruan District namely Winongan Atas and Lumbang Districts. Discussion of Detailed Engineering Design (DED) for 2 Sub Districts and Readiness Criteria from Pasuruan District
  4. Decision of tender winner: the tender winners for procurement of business entities of Government-Provate Cooperation for Drinking Water Supply System (KPS-SPAM) Umbulan have been determined on 04 February 2016, they are: Consorsium PT. Medco Gas Indonesia – PT. Bangun Cipta Kontraktor
  5. Determination of Government Contracting Agency (PJPK) : Based on the Regulation of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Houing No.19/PRT/M/2016 on the Provision of Support by Central and/or Regional Governments in theImplementation of SPAM Cooperation Article 16 of Transitional Provisions, Public-Private Partnership (KPBU ) SPAM Umbulan Project is decided to be continued in accordance with the Provision in tender documents (PJPK: Government of East Java Province)
    A letter of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing addressed to Governor of East Java No: PR.01.03-Mn/470 dated 14 June 2016 regarding PJPK KPBU SPAM Umbulan has been issued.

Description of Project

SPAM Umbulan is begun with the background of the strong need of water resource in Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM) at District/City level to provide better services to public as water resource with good quality is limited and to expand scope of PDAM’s water distribution in Sidoarjo, Surabaya, and Gresik areas.