Name of the Project : Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) Regional Wasusokas
Total Investment : RP. 900 Billion
APBN-APBD Source : State Budget, Regional Budget
Private Source :
Source Not Yet Determined :
Funding Scheme :
Location : Wonogiri, Central Java
Implementing Agency : Government of Central Java Province
Planned Construction Commencement Date : December 2016
Planned Commercial Operation Date : January 2019
Latest Status :
  1. Funding allocation for unit production and Main Distribution Network which are the responsibility of Central and Regional Governments has met 60:40 portion. Agreement on the portion of funding between State Budget of Directorate General Cipta Karya and Regional Budget at Provincial level needs to be reached.
  2. Planning and Budgeting Information System (SIPPA) has not been issued as it is still waiting for the signing of Cooperaion Agreement (PKS), the PKS document is one of the requirements to propose SIPPA and Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL).
  3. Detailed Engineering Design (DED) review process for production unit and Main Distribution Network (JDU) have not been implemented by Regional Water Operator (PDAB) as they are still waiting for the signing of PKS as the basis for the PDAB to undertake review on DED

Description of Project

SPAM Regional Wasusokas a drinking water supply project which is planned by Government of Central Java Province with the output of 1.450 Liter/Second . its output passes through 2 stages: stage I : 750 l/second  and  stage II : 700 l/second.