Name of the Project : Water Supply System (SPAM)  Mebidang
Total Investment : RP. 731,98 Billion
APBN-APBD Source : State Budget, Regional Budget
Private Source :
Source Not Yet Determined :
Funding Scheme :
Location : Binjai, North Sumatera
Implementing Agency : Government of North Sumatera Province
Planned Construction Commencement Date : January 2017
Planned Commercial Operation Date : January 2019
Latest Status :
  1. Construction of transmission pipeline will be implemented in 2017-2018 Budget Year
  2. Total fund needed is Rp 21 billion, allocation of 2017 Budget Year is included in stock program as Design Engineering Detail of raw water is not ready 
  3. The intake design plan is free intake
  4.  A meeting which discussed raw water (Government of North Sumatera Province, Water ResourcesManagement Agency for North Sumatera Provinceand Sumatera II River Management Agency) was held on 18 May 2016
  5. Fund Allocation for 2017 Budget Year is Rp 20 Billion
  6. Construction of Main Distribution Network and offtake will adhere to 2018-2019 Budget Year
  7. Construction of Branch Distribution Network – home connection/SR will adhere to 2019-2021 Budget Year

Description of Project

SPAM Regional Mebidang is a drinking water supply project which is planned by Government of North Sumatera Province and will be located in Binjai.