Name of the Project : Development of Belawan – Sei Mangkei Gas Pipeline with the capacity of 75 mmscfd (139,24km long)
Total Investment :
APBN-APBD Source :
Private Source :
Source Not Yet Determined :
Funding Scheme :
Location : Medan, North Sumatera
Implementing Agency :
Planned Construction Commencement Date :
Planned Commercial Operation Date :
Latest Status : Gas commissioning has been met from Belawan to Sei Mangkei in March 2016.
Still waiting for the readiness of Unilever to receive gas with gras price that can be absorbed

Description of Project

The development of Belawan-Sei Mankei gas pipeline with the capacity of 75 MMSCFD with a length of 139,24 km is located in di North Sumatera province