Name of the Project : Cross- Border Post (PLBN) Development & Its Supporting Facilities Motamassin, Malaka District, East Nusa Tenggara
Total Investment : RP. 128.401.582.000
APBN-APBD Source : State Budget
Private Source :
Source Not Yet Determined :
Funding Scheme : State Budget
Location : Malaka, East Nusa Tenggara
Implementing Agency : Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing
Planned Construction Commencement Date : 18 December 2015
Planned Commercial Operation Date : 15 December 2016
Latest Status : Financial Progress has achieved 89,70 %

Construction Progress has achieved 100 %

Description of Project

Work package of PLBN development in Motamassin consists of development of the Main Building, Carwash Building, Weighbridge Building, Clinic, Arrival Inspection Cargo Building, Integrated Private and Public Vehichles Inspection Building, Heavy and Light Confiscated Goods Warehouse, Landill, Departure Cargo Inspection Building, Utility Building, Kennel, Check Point, Tasbara Monumen and Tasbara Building