Name of the Project : Construction of Sorong Seaport
Total Investment : Rp 2,400 Billion
APBN-APBD Source :
Private Source :
Source Not Yet Determined :
Funding Scheme : State-Owned Enterprise
Location : Sorong, West Papua
Implementing Agency : PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero)
Planned Construction Commencement Date : January 2018
Planned Commercial Operation Date : January 2021
Latest Status : For the latest status of the Environmental Permit (Environmenetal Impact Assessment/AMDAL), a Decision Letter on Term of Reference on Analysis of Environmetal Impact (SK ANDAL) No. SK6/PKTL.4/2/2016 has been issued. Next is the preparation of AMDAL document (Environmental Managament Plan and Environmental Monitoring Plan/RPL&RKL).

Description of Project

Construction of Sorong Seaport project is located in West Papua province, in the district/city of Sorong. This seaport is planned to have 40 Km capacity.